Chief Executive Message

Enrolling at Multan College of Nursing (MCN) is much more than commencement of just another educational experience. Entering MCN is the gateway to assuming a way of life that will stimulate, test and that will shape your view of the world and your relationships with others — not only your patients, but your colleagues, your friends, and your loved ones. As you acquire new knowledge, attitudes, and skills, you will also be evolving as a person who can take accountability for the care of other human beings in the most significant moments of their lives, often when they are the most vulnerable. You will be preparing yourself for a life of service, making responsible use of the special privileges granted by society to those who assume the healing role. Medicine is by its very nature imprecise and will require you to live with and tolerate uncertainty and ambiguity every day. You will learn to make the best possible judgments, based on your knowledge of empirical findings, personal experience, professional values, and the wishes of your patients and their families, all requiring critical self-reflection and ongoing self-assessment. At MCN, we believe that professional development and education arises from an ingenious balance of support and challenge. Becoming a physician is challenging intellectually, physically, emotionally, and personally. These challenges cannot be diminished, but they can be balanced by the support that we offer through our brilliant faculty, staff and fellow students. I welcome all our students to Intellectual Growth, Emotional Growth, Social Growth and Moral Growth and wish our students good luck.

Mr. Imran Rasul

Multan College of Nursing

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