In accordance with PNC/UHS

We believe that people are individuals of innate worth and dignity. They have spiritual biological social and psychological needs and have the right to pursue the highest level of health care and quality of life achievable for themselves and their communities. Our commitment to serve humanity and helps them to develop a code of ethics which directs their positive attitude and activities towards others.

People influence and are influenced by their environment. The environment is composed of factors which dynamically affects community. Society, one of the factors is made up of communities in which people are closely connected through similar interests and needs. Communities generally share similar institutions values beliefs and morals but may have diverse and complex health care needs. The family which is the basic structure within a community provides psychological and material support to assist its members to live within the society.

Health describes the human condition through a continuum from wellness to illness, this continuum is reflected in the extent to which individual families and communities are able to recognize and meet their needs, thus contributing to an acceptable quality of life. Primary health care forms an integral part of the country’s health care system. It acts as nucleus, and enhances overall socio economic development of the country.

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