Selection Committees

  1. Chief Executive                                                                                                                              Chairperson
  2. Principal / Representative of MMDNC.                                                                                      Member
  3. Director Finance Representative of MMDNC                                                                            Member
  4. MS/Representative of MMDNC                                                                                                   Member
  5. Nursing Instructor , MCON                                                                                                          Member

Terms of References

  1. Selection Committee will be responsible for the admission process and final selection of the candidates.
  2. Selection committee’s recommendations will be final.

Education & Research Committee

  1. Chief Executive                                                                                   Chairperson
  2. Principal                                                                                               Member
  3. Nursing Instructor                                                                              Member
  4. Clinical Instructor                                                                               Member

Terms of References:

  1. Continue Education Programme.
  2. Conduction of educational workshop, conferences and seminars for nurses.
  3. Preparation of research papers, research proposal for the development of nursing profession.
  4. Review of the academic affairs and to improve teaching/learning activities for students.
  5. Preparation and setting of multiple-choice question (MCQ,s.Bank), conduction of examination and evaluation of the method of examination.

Disciplinary Committee for Minor Infraction

  1. Chief Executive                                                                                  Chairperson
  2. Principal                                                                                              Member
  3. Nursing Instructor                                                                             Member
  4. Two students Representatives Member

Terms of References:

In disciplinary cases an explanation is to call, if found guilty the written warning will be given in minor cases.

Minor Infractions / Offenses

  • i Minor infraction/ Offenses include irregularities, absenteeism, defamation and institution, for example blackmailing in news papers, negative projection of nursing, plagiarism, breaking rules damage of property etc.
  • ii For minor infraction three written warnings will be issued, if there is no improvement then the case will be treated as a major infraction.

Disciplinary Committee For Major Infraction

  1. Principal College of Nursing.  Chairperson
  2. Professor / Representative of MMDNC.  Member
  3. M.S/Representative of Ibn-e-Siena HC & EF Member
  4.   Nursing Instructor, College of Nursing Multan                               Member

Terms of References

This Committee would help for maintaining discipline by adopting procedures as mentioned in prospectus. The inquiry will be held under Pakistan Nursing Council rules.

Major Infractions/ Offenses

  1. Major infractions/ offenses include theft, malpractice , strikes , involvement in politics, unethical attitude with patients & colleagues , drug addiction, suicide attempts , medication errors, cheating in examination, sexual abuse etc.
  2. For major offenses the Disciplinary Action Committee would adopt the following procedure.
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