Examination Evaluation System

  1. Academic progress of the students will be made on the basis of continuous internal assessment.
  • The pass marks in each subject are 50% for theory & clinicals.
  • Classroom and clinical performance will be evaluated according to above mentioned criteria. Students will be informed of their progress through periodic meetings with the instructors.
  • Students are encouraged to do self-evaluation.
  • Students will be assessed throughout the course, evaluation from side to side by diversity of techniques; such as continue assessment tests (CAT), written assignments, oral presentations, practicals, and projects etc.
  • Theory and clinical practice are integrated and crucial; students must demonstrate both theoretical & clinical competence.
  1. Examinations will be held as per scheduled issued by University of Health Sciences, Lahore.
  2. A candidate who fails in 1st year examination in three consecutive chances, first year examination shall cease to become eligible for further post Rn( B.SC. Nursing Degree Program) in Pakistan.
  3. A candidate who fails in second year examination in three consecutive chances availed or un-availed after eligible for second year examination shall cease to become eligible for Post Rn B.SC.Nursing Examination.
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