Nursing Ethics

  1. There are many practical applications of ethics in daily nursing practice. Since nursing is the profession to which each of us should be proud to belong. Nursing ethics are developed and obeyed to uphold the professional standards. When a nurse fails to maintain a professional attitude/dignity, it brings dishonor to the institution as well as nursing profession.
  2. To an average observer it makes difference, whether a person is professionally educated as a nurse or an aid/attendant. The central idea of bioethics is that moral decision making in healthcare should be guided by four principles;
  1. Autonomy; the rights of individuals to decide on the best course of action for them, is a cornerstone of nursing practice.
  2. Beneficence; Means that ethical behavior must “do well”.
  • Nonmaleficence; “Do No Harm”.
  1. Justice; Suggests that ethical behavior is a conduct that treats people equitably.
  1. Patient’s privacy, confidentiality, and safety should be the priority for a nurse whenever necessary in accordance with good judgment and common sense.
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